Businesses of all sizes are enjoying the benefits of leasing-making valuable equipment purchases while conserving precious capital.

Many smart business owners are leasing on an ongoing basis - adding, upgrading and expanding, while using the flexibility provided by leasing to have the most effective operation possible.

Financial Partners has worked with thousands of businesses to develop leasing solutions tailored to fit each individual situation. Consider how these leasing advantages can benefit your business.





Equipment leasing provides tax benefits and tax advantages for increased buying power.

The tax benefits and tax advantages of equipment leasing can be extremely important to a businesses cash flow. By carefully structuring your lease purchase with your accountant, certain types of lease buyouts, such as true FMV, may create tax advantages for your company if they qualify as true operating leases, which are also known as true leases.

In addition to the advantages of conserving valuable company working capital and preserving existing bank credit lines, leasing business equipment rather than paying cash may offer tax benefits and savings if structured correctly. Operating or "true" lease payments may be fully expensed and accelerate tax deductions when compared to lengthily depreciation schedules.

Conventional bank and other financing often have term restrictions and relatively higher down payment requirements than leasing. Furthermore, virtually all bank loans must be capitalized and cannot be depreciated. Financial partners offers 100% financing including soft costs, warranties, tax, freight and installation.

It is important to check with your accountant or CPA about any potential tax benefits or tax advantages for proper advise. Financial Partners does not offer tax advise to any of our clients.


Disclaimer: All programs, conditions, and terms are subject to credit approval and can change at any time without notice.



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